About this blog

I’m newish to this walk with the Lord.  I’m a little over a year end and feel sometimes like I’ve been put on an accelerated course – and then, isn’t that what I asked for in February 2016?  At first, I was scared of the speed, but then, I was pursuing with a rabid hunger.  Now, I’ve come to see it’s actually kind of awesome because in my heart of hearts I know I’m meant to do something big and I need to get it together quick so that I’m ready when He calls.  Still, I take the time to really listen, to study, to contemplate and to… wait.

This blog is a record of my personal journey.  I’m still not sure of the type of content.  Will it be a lesson?  Will it be part journal?  I don’t know.  I just know if the Holy Spirit puts it on my heart to share it, it will be here.

I am creative, strong, sentimental, empathetic to a fault, compassionate, kind and love to help and encourage.  I have the ingredients to become a more Purposefully and purposely meaningful person.  It is my hope this blog blesses, encourages and inspires others in their walk and maybe, just maybe, nudge someone in a direction they were already heading:  to take Him by the hand and discover what they’ve been missing and looking for in life.  I also hope that a year from each post, I will have discovered another layer and deeper meaning to each post.  I want to always be growing, striving and thriving.

God bless you, welcome to my blog and thank you for reading.