For the Ladies…

Hello.  It’s been awhile.  I’ve been struggling with what to write; some days, the courage to write and I have also been working on the Instagram account.  But, I wanted to share a beautiful dream the Lord sent me that I hope will encourage and excite you.

First, I will tell the dream and then get into what I feel it means.  Four nights in row I had a dream with a specific prominent color.  Three of the four, I felt were personally for me but night number two, I felt it was for all of God’s daughters.

I was at a bridal shower.  It was around sunset.  The sky was the most beautiful rosey pink, almost a bubble gum pink color.  I didn’t know the bride and honestly, she didn’t make a good impression – she wasn’t welcoming and the party was for show.  She had this finale for her shower.  The plan was for an airplane or something to drop gift bags to all of the women in attendance.  She darted off somewhere and I never saw her again.  While I was ready to just leave, I was intrigued.  I looked up and I got the feeling God took over and decided to deliver His own gifts instead.  The sheer quantity was beyond anything a plane could deliver.  Floating from the sky were these beautiful blush/baby pink handbags.  Against the rose of the sky, it was breathtaking.  They were amply sized, well made and unique – no two alike.  All the women were excited to get them.  While I didn’t see what was in them, they were filled with things – tools, if you will – specifically for each woman.

I did some research on the major items and themes in dream: colors, purses, etc.  The gifts were absolutely from God because they were abundant, quality and tailor made for each woman.  I was under the impression the “bride” just wanted people there so she wouldn’t have individualized the gifts.

Pink (biblically speaking) represents a heart of flesh, a right relationship with God, joy and love – all apparent in the dream.  The gifts were for HIS daughters.  We were happy to get them and since all good things come from God (James 1:17) and He is love (1 John 4:8), He was giving us gifts like a father does (Matthew 7:11).  He was giving us love and things He had lovingly chosen for each person.  I think this last part was a reference to Jeremiah 29:11.  So, overall, He was giving an abundance of love.

The purse represents identity and tools.  What do we carry around in our purses?  Important things:  identification, keys, etc.  I feel with these purses He was gifting us with identity and purpose and the tools (keys) we need to carry out His Plan.  Though I don’t know what was in each purse, in keeping with the color, most certainly love was one of and probably a main component.

Now, back to the bride – remember I said she wasn’t welcoming.  She was all about the show and the adoration she was going to get from her big reveal.  Spiritually, I think this was a hijacking of a Jezebel’s self-serving intent; but also, I feel like this is a calling for us to join in a revival of the church and the world – to inject love back into the church and the world, to make people feel welcome.  Many don’t.  For a time in my life, I didn’t.  I find it especially exciting that His daughters play an important role.  Women were present at the cross (John 19:25) and used to spread the gospel (John 4:28-30, John 20:11-16) and a virgin was chosen to bring forth our Savior into the world (Luke 1:26-38).

I felt such intense happiness upon awaking.  I pondered this and prayed over this wondering what I should say about this.  I feel like this will be confirmation for some.  And, if you read this and just want to be part of it, something caught my eye in Matthew 7:11 as I was looking up the verse to write this:

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts TO THOSE WHO ASK HIM! (NIV)

I say ask.  God can and will use anyone, anywhere – even the passed over, the overlooked, the underestimated…  why not the willing?  Keep yourself open to His voice.  And finally, the thing I heard loudest during my prayer time, accept your gift joyfully.

Until next time, be blessed and thank you for reading.



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