God is talking…

but is your book open?  He speaks a lot and often.  Even when He is silent, He is speaking.  It’s something you come to know as you grow with Him.  But, to be 100% real with you, if you are praying and contending but keeping your bible closed, you are missing stuff.

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He speaks to us in all sorts of ways.  I’ve come to enjoy the creativity He uses in getting a word or an answer to me, but I would have been blind to a lot of it had I not been in my bible.  I try to read it every day.  I am at the point where if I miss a day, I feel a bit off – not condemned or guilt stricken or anything like that, just off.

I have the YouVersion Bible app on my tablet and my favorite devotional is The Bible in One Year.  It’s very insightful.  You really see how the bible is one cohesive book.  And when I read, I study.  I highlight, make notes, write down things that stand out and I re-read – and not just the passage, I re-read my bible.  Something that was relevant awhile ago will take on a new or deeper meaning the next time around.  And read it all – even the Old Testament… even Leviticus and Numbers (lol).  Those are my hard ones, but they are relevant and have meaning.  They show why Jesus’ sacrifice was necessary and such an amazing, gracious and merciful blessing!  We could never perfectly keep all those laws!  And those Old Testament books have plenty of “right now” information.  Read it all.

I said all of that to say this, one of the primary languages and ways you will actually converse with the Lord (as in a two way convo) is through your bible.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a verse that spoke to my current situation or something I have been praying over.  Sometimes a verse just sticks out and I know it’s a “pay attention” word that I need to just note and keep in the back of my head because it will come into play later.  As you continue in this pursuit you get a fuller realization of God and His love and desires for us and you’ll find yourself (if you really go for it with your everything ) with an amazing relationship with the Lord.  You’ll see His hand in everything around you and will start picking up on the subtle and varied ways He speaks.  And, you’ll also be able to discern that you are hearing from Him because it will match up to His Word.

I really felt the need to post this because a couple of days ago, something caught my eye that reminded me of a story involving Elijah – something I might have passed up by not really being in the Word.  I like to think I’m the sort of girl who will notice the burning bush and will go take a deeper look, but I’m pretty sure in my lost days, I missed a whole lot of stuff, a whole lot of much needed guidance due to blindness of my own making by not having a relationship with Him, by not listening to what He has to say.  Anyway, that thing caught my eye and I asked Him to confirm what I gleaned from it’s meaning and I got a very quick answer.  I can’t help but think, “Wow, I totally would have missed that one had I not read that, had I not heard that story.”  I wouldn’t have the hope I have today.

Open your book.  Bless yourself.  Pursue the Word and above all else, pursue Him.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom…”



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