God is talking…

but is your book open?  He speaks a lot and often.  Even when He is silent, He is speaking.  It’s something you come to know as you grow with Him.  But, to be 100% real with you, if you are praying and contending but keeping your bible closed, you are missing stuff.

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He speaks to us in all sorts of ways.  I’ve come to enjoy the creativity He uses in getting a word or an answer to me, but I would have been blind to a lot of it had I not been in my bible.  I try to read it every day.  I am at the point where if I miss a day, I feel a bit off – not condemned or guilt stricken or anything like that, just off.

I have the YouVersion Bible app on my tablet and my favorite devotional is The Bible in One Year.  It’s very insightful.  You really see how the bible is one cohesive book.  And when I read, I study.  I highlight, make notes, write down things that stand out and I re-read – and not just the passage, I re-read my bible.  Something that was relevant awhile ago will take on a new or deeper meaning the next time around.  And read it all – even the Old Testament… even Leviticus and Numbers (lol).  Those are my hard ones, but they are relevant and have meaning.  They show why Jesus’ sacrifice was necessary and such an amazing, gracious and merciful blessing!  We could never perfectly keep all those laws!  And those Old Testament books have plenty of “right now” information.  Read it all.

I said all of that to say this, one of the primary languages and ways you will actually converse with the Lord (as in a two way convo) is through your bible.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a verse that spoke to my current situation or something I have been praying over.  Sometimes a verse just sticks out and I know it’s a “pay attention” word that I need to just note and keep in the back of my head because it will come into play later.  As you continue in this pursuit you get a fuller realization of God and His love and desires for us and you’ll find yourself (if you really go for it with your everything ) with an amazing relationship with the Lord.  You’ll see His hand in everything around you and will start picking up on the subtle and varied ways He speaks.  And, you’ll also be able to discern that you are hearing from Him because it will match up to His Word.

I really felt the need to post this because a couple of days ago, something caught my eye that reminded me of a story involving Elijah – something I might have passed up by not really being in the Word.  I like to think I’m the sort of girl who will notice the burning bush and will go take a deeper look, but I’m pretty sure in my lost days, I missed a whole lot of stuff, a whole lot of much needed guidance due to blindness of my own making by not having a relationship with Him, by not listening to what He has to say.  Anyway, that thing caught my eye and I asked Him to confirm what I gleaned from it’s meaning and I got a very quick answer.  I can’t help but think, “Wow, I totally would have missed that one had I not read that, had I not heard that story.”  I wouldn’t have the hope I have today.

Open your book.  Bless yourself.  Pursue the Word and above all else, pursue Him.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom…”



A moment of gratitude

Sometimes, God answers a prayer so quickly He leaves my head spinning.

This morning, I was having my time with the Lord and pouring out everything in me.  I’m an emotional person.  And, as per usual, as I seem to be hitting an apex, one of my little twins wanders in and sits in my lap. Normally, I repeat my rules to them so they don’t interrupt or I walk them out of the room.  Today, I just held her and rocked her and continued to pray.  I had one of those bittersweet moments that parents know – the one where you realize they aren’t so small anymore.  Tears begin to flow and my mom guilt washes over me.

In the last two or three days, I have spent more time cleaning up after them, than I have been holding them.  This often results in super clingy children – which creates a cycle of frustration because things have to get done if for no other reason than comfort’s sake.  I just poured that out to Him, too.  And this verse came forth…

Isaiah 49:21 Then you will say in your heart, ‘Who bore me these? I was bereaved and barren; I was exiled and rejected. Who brought these up? I was left all alone, but these–where have they come from?'”

For the last year, I have desperately needed to press into Him so much so that I would often let someone watch them so He and I could talk, so I could pray, cry out and read His Word hoping for an answer, comfort, direction…  I often feel like I have gone through this year not really seeing them and loving them the way I had envisioned when I was told I was carrying them.  These beautiful little gifts given to me after a such a bitter struggle with infertility and I feel so very far away.  But, I know He will restore that lost time, too.  It wasn’t in vain.  He’s done it before for me and He WILL do it again.  But, that verse.  It is so bold in these moments.  “Who brought these up?”   It’s not only His gentle reminder, but it’s also one that causes awe.  I feel so far away, but they are doing beautifully.  HE has cared for them while I’ve pressed in.  HE helps me when things get hard.  

So, after I finished up, I went into the next room to start getting my home in order only to look up and see that same one gathering up toys.  When I asked what she was doing, she said she was putting them in her backpack to help me put them away.  I looked up, smiled and whispered a soft “Thank you”.  Moments later, her sister started helping me as well.  So, now I’m this teary eyed mess because it gets me every time… even in the little things… those tears from feeling guilty and overwhelmed meant something to Him.  How can I not be grateful, humbled and in awe?


Just a taste…

While I was reading Psalm 34, I came across a verse that struck me:

Taste and see that the LORD is good.  (Psalm 34:8)

And, I felt the Spirit say, “What a good thing to pray for your enemies!”  And, yes, yes it REALLY is!  Coming from the following premise, this is the Lord’s genius at work:

  • They are His children, too, just as we are.  He cares for them as He does us.  It is not His will that anyone should perish, but all to come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

The way I understood it is if they had a taste of His goodness, they would want more of Him.  Makes sense, right?  You’ve been in the kitchen and someone offered you a taste of something that whet your appetite.  You couldn’t wait to sit down and enjoy a whole plate of it.  And, once you get that plate, when something is really good, you want seconds, maybe even thirds.  God’s goodness makes you want to pull your chair up directly to the buffet!  And, as stewards of the faith, you should want them to become part of the Kingdom!  And when they are part of the Kingdom, they can’t keep on treating you the way they do.

So, pray that they get a taste.  It’s not that they are being rewarded for their treatment of you.  No, instead, it’s like positive reinforcement for doing good things.  You pray for a taste in another area of their life that will entice them away from the wickedness.  So that they can

depart from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14)

Love thy neighbor.  Pray for your enemies and be blessed.  And if you will read the entire Psalm like it is my hope and prayer that you do, dear reader; you will see that He has got you covered.

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Windy City

Well, town in my case.  It is crazy windy today.  It is sunny, a little cold, but crazy windy.  In the last two days or so, I’ve seen a couple of prophets mention the “winds of change”.  I told you I feel something imminent in the air.  I don’t know how long before this happens, but I wanted someone to be aware.  I have a word of encouragement.  I often get interrupted praying – I have toddlers.  Enough said.  I tend to get frustrated because just when it seems I’m in the Spirit… “Mommmmmmmmmy…”  Argh!  But, today, the break was good.  I got a word!

I told you it was time to pray big, bold prayers and put some faith behind them.  Since I released that, I’ve had images of me in armor ready to absolutely SLAY!  Demons, giants, whatever.  Just this beautiful gold armor, helmet, shield up and sword at the ready!  I’ve got that Deborah spirit on me!  Please read Ephesians 6:10-20!  Keeping that in mind, I was thinking of the situation I have been praying over.  I have used strong phrases like “storm the gates” and “hostile takeover”.   These sound violent, right?   One prophet I follow regularly mentioned having a dream of a tornado.  That is a violent wind storm.  So, I typed in “tornado bible verses” and came across one that was kind of in the vein I was praying over some prodigals in my life.

“Behold, the storm of the LORD has gone forth in wrath, Even a whirling tempest; It will swirl down on the head of the wicked.”  (Jeremiah 23:19)

Now, I’m not praying bad things over the prodigals.  I’m praying it and calling this wrath down on their captor – the enemy – who led them astray.  I want the Lord to storm the gates and do a hostile takeover of these beloved lost souls.  I remember saying, “hostile takeover” and thinking “Is that right?”  When foreign words or phrases to my everyday vernacular pop up, I’m pretty sure it’s the Holy Spirit at work.  And, this really is the closest I’ve come to speaking in tongues.  (lol)  So, I looked up “hostile takeover”.

The anger of the Lord will not turn back until he fully accomplishes the purposes of his heart.  (Jeremiah 23:20)  
I keep thinking of those lost sheep – hey, I’ve been one – and the following verses:
And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day.  For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but to do the will of Him who sent Me.  And this is the will of Him who sent Me, that I shall lose none of all those He has given me, but raise them up at the last day.  For it is My Father’s will that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.  (John 6:38-40)
It’s not His will to lose sheep.  Thank God He sent the Shepherd after me.  So, here I am wanting to spread the Word, to encourage, to be a vessel, trying to point other sheep towards the Shepherd so he can bring them home.
Now pray and slay away!

Some weather we’re having…

According to a lot of prophets right now, 2017 is going to be a big year.  A lot of R’s – reformation, restoration, revival – a lot of V’s (victories) and currently, a season of acceleration.  You can research all that and take it before the Lord and get His say on it, especially for your life.  I am here for all of that after 2016.  I can’t say I was sad to close the chapter on that year.  So, claim it, declare it and speak it over your life if that’s for you.

I, personally, feel a change in the air or a shift towards something good, if not downright amazing lately.  I’m practically giddy.  It’s changed the way I pray.  I’m praying big and bold.  I’m praying over what looks like from a wordly standpoint to be impossible because I know ALL things are possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23) and nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).  So, why not?  Why not pray big?  Show Him your faith in Him and what He can do.  I’m praying over my friends with big mountains to climb and just big stuff I want to see changed in our world.  I’m up at fourth watch this morning praying boldly over changes and prayers I want to see come to pass.  Ephesians 3:20 says he can do exceedingly and abundantly more than I can think or ask so… let’s do it!  Blow my mind, Lord!

I think a video that really kind of drove this idea home for me that He can do ANYthing was from Francis Chan’s Crazy Love bible study on the YouVersion app. – a great app, by the way.  I recommend it.  It’s full of all sorts of devotionals.  A friend and fellow church member recommended it to me.  (I am not getting paid for this. I just think it’s a cool, portable way to read the Word.)  It’s entitled The Awe Factor of God.  It’s short; so watch.  Then, please continue reading.

Amazing, right?  He created all of that and yet He still thinks we’re worth it.  Jesus thought it was worth getting on the cross for teeny, tiny beings that are pretty much invisible from only so many light years away.  And, we question what God can do in our lives?

So, what does this have to do with the weather?  For me, a lot.  I’ve been in this sort of weird waiting/transitional season in my life.  I feel like and am claiming and declaring some big R’s and V’s over my life and they feel crazy close.  One question that I try not to ask but on occasion seems to pop into my head is:  how long?  I’m human.  I’m trying to stay focused on my personal growth with the Lord, His promises to me…  I’m trying to thrive where I am.  But, I can’t help it.  Now, to be fair and perfectly honest, I miss stuff when He’s talking to me.  Thank God He repeats!  I often say, “Hit me over the head with it.  Highlight it.  I miss stuff!”  And, He does.  The weather has been crazy where I am and as I was thinking about these prophetic words and some verses that have been jumping out at me and, then, the pattern spoke to me.  This past week and this current week go like this:  cold, warm, rainy, snow, warm…  In the bible (and life), the weather is a language God uses to speak to His people.  It speaks to the times and the seasons.  This accelerated season is being confirmed in this weather.  It’s a growth regimen.  A seed (prayer) needs fertile soil (faith, a softened heart, strong belief, etc.), light (sun or The Son), and water (rain, dew, snow often used to symbolize blessings).  I have planted some, hopefully, good, big, bold seeds during my sowing season that I’ve been waiting to harvest or, at least, bloom and blossom.  I’ve actually prayed accelerated “Jesus strength Miracle Grow” over them.  Those exact words, no joke.  And, it looks like it’s happening.  Thank You, Lord!

If you’re in this same season, I say now is the time to go big and bold in your prayer life, get strong in your faith and belief, stand FIRM on those promises and get your harvesting gear ready.  This is going to be a blessed year!  In Jesus’ matchless name, Amen!